The Cost of an iPod=75,000 Gallons of Blood

• June 30th, 2009

In case you were too busy searching for the best deals on hot dogs, in only a matter of days we will be revisiting the celebration of American Independence. Don't squander your freedom, it cost 50,000 lives, which is a lot. I know it doesn't sound like a lot because we have 7 billion people walking the earth these days, but is one death less significant than a million deaths? Or is it just more ignorable? Even if only one had died, that one would've given everything in order that you may have anything. Don't squander your freedom. Celebrate it. Sing about it. Come on, I dare you.


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European Fashion Mullet

• March 19th, 2009

From Bromance to Romance, from Sweatpants to Mullets, from Sweaters to being called out live, on the air, this two-month-old never before aired podcast from the 626 crew and guests will be sure to tantalize and titillate your senses!

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The Slow Walk Gang

• December 13th, 2008

After months of silence the 626 crew has put together a special show for the holiday season. We'll help you celebrate 2008 with our own tribute to COPS, Public Safety style.

Oh yeah, and don't forget the eggnog. Ain't no Holiday without the eggnog.

Happy Holidays! - Jon, Joe, Pete, (and Matt)


Femail Perspective Friday v.2

• October 2nd, 2008

Alcatraz is famous for being a maximum security prison. But let's get metaphorical - if you're comfortable with that - and admit that the Alcatraz of Humanity is Singleness. The glory of this particular podcast is that we, the men of the 626, did not raise the issue in a flurry of our own hormones. That's right, the ladies of the podcast world brought their minds and hearts to the table and inspired pure golden conversation.

If you care at all about life, love, and the cosmic dance called romance, tune in. If nothing less, we'll inspire you to put down your guns and pick up a woman and make this world a little more peaceful.


Female Perspective Friday v1

• August 29th, 2008

Hooray! The ladies have heard our call and flocked to the phones for the first successful Female Perspective Friday. Listen in, they have given us something to talk about!

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Deuces Wild

• August 28th, 2008

2 Eggs +2 Pancakes +2 Bacon Slices +2 Patties ------------------- =$6.25

The Return of Podcasting from 626

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The Final Podcast

• May 16th, 2008

Though stray Podcasts could come straggling in over the summer, this is the last episode from the 626Crew before we go our separate ways for the next twelve weeks. Ladies and gents, buckle in.... it's unedited...., well, for the most part. We always need to have a little fun in post-production. Peace.

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Greatest Song in the History of History

• May 5th, 2008

After a week hiatus, the 626 crew is back and in rare form.  In the absence of J.J.J. Carr and with the use of Litzie's computer, the boys try to get to the bottom of an age old question:  "What is the greatest song in the history of history?"  We've all asked it, we've all lost sleep over how about some resolution.  With the help of Steven H. Haschke we decide on the greatest song in the history of history.  The results will blow your mind and your face.

Grace and peace to your mom.

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The five-cent Dream Doctor is: IN

• April 28th, 2008

It's been two full weeks since podcasts have hailed from the windy city to your lovely ears but on our return we tackle an issue that plagues us all - dreams. Tune in, grab a cup a joe, and settle down for a podcast from your 626 crew.


Starbuck’s Symbol

• April 15th, 2008

Coffee mogul and world wide enterprise Starbucks has recently changed their symbol back to their original icon. 626 gives you a breakdown on the symbol change, the reasoning behind the switch, and a discussion of corporate art and advertising. Take a second look at what their throwing at you with subtlety and diversions - don't let corporate America take you by storm again.


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