Is It O.K. For Men To Watch Women’s Sports

Another hot-button issue for half the worlds population, our question for today's 626 round-table discussion: Is it O.K. for men to watch women's sports? Duke it out, podcast world, we did, and came to some surprising conclusions. Just don't tell the Brandi Chastain's in your life what you decide, lest you get schooled on the field and on the court.



  • mr. bojangles

    I think you guys missed a huge opportunity to score some major points with the ladies with this discussion. You could have cited that at the college all-star game the winner of the women’s three point contest has beat the winner of the men’s three point contest in a head-to-head match up 2 out of the past 3 years or Candice Parker winning the McDonald’s All-American slam dunk contest in 2004 (mind you that it was one of the greatest travesties in sports history… but you didn’t have to say that). I think to make up for the damage you have done to your respective love lives you need to have a podcast dedicated 100% to the ladies.

    More to come

    Apr 27, 2008 at 11:14 pm